GIRLFRIEND was recently included in an exhibition on Brick Lane.

I heard someone say whilst looking at the work:

Emin literally lives around the corner, you could lean out of that window and call out her name !

Someone else pointed out that her first name is spelt Tracey rather than Tracie as I had spelt it. I replied that since she was MY girlfriend, I could spell her name anyway I liked, THANKYOU!

Tracy Emin Is My Girlfriend


I submitted NEVER, and FORBIDDEN to the recent Annual Open held at the Cafe Gallery in Southwark Park, London.

These two 'by order of the committee' hand written signs presumed that the organisers of the show had proclaimed authoritarian instructions to gallery visitors.

You will NEVER Forget This Exhibition - By Order Of The Committee

You Are Hereby FORBIDDEN From Further Thought About This Exhibition - By Order Of The Committee

From The Picturesque To The Demolished

From The Picturesque To The Demolished curated by Julika Gittner, Adrian Holme and Jon Purnell to highlight the illegal demolition of Angel Cottage, Stratford, took place at The Railway Tavern, in Stratford, London, on Saturday 27 September 2008.

Despite its protected status, the Georgian Grade II listed Angel Cottage in Windmill Lane was demolished under the cover of plastic sheeting in November last year. The 1826 Georgian cottage had been sold at auction for £400,000 and stood opposite the Olympic site and the new Stratford City development on some of the most valuable development land in London . The illegal demolition was discovered by outraged local residents who demanded an investigation of the case by both the council and English Heritage.

The local council has subsequently prosecuted the owner and served an enforcement notice to have the building reinstated brick by brick at the owner’s expense. Architects are currently trying to reconstruct the building from old photographs.

For this I laminated a series of slogans (table mat sized) that played with the name of the cottage - Angel, the Olympic Games and the Fat Cat Capitalist who destroyed the cottage for material profit.

The destruction of this cottage, seemed to symbolise at the time, something greater, and several months later, we now experience if not the collapse, then certainly the demise of economic growth, caused by the collective greed of bankers and financial investors.

During the evening I kept thinking of William Blake, and how Allen Ginsberg, if he were present, would have made eloquent connections between this artist, his visions of angels, and the Fall of Capitalism.

Later Adrian Holme, sang one of William Blake's Songs, which he had set to music, standing right in front of the site of the demolished cottage.

Subliminal Seduction

Subliminal Seduction

Was an event curated by Another Roadside Attraction, which took place on 5 April 2008 along Oxford Street. Taking as inspiration the tall Golf Sale Signs that are held along this street, I devised a series of statements that asked shoppers to question their motives for spending money.

In response to the slogan which read How Much Will You Spend To Make Someone Love You someone yelled out Five Pounds

A man was particularly concerned that I had no question mark at the end of each slogan, an Italian told me that he thought the English could never spend enough to make themselves feel happy, and an elderly German said he was rich because he had a loving wife.

By using the methods of human advertising as a way of displaying art, ‘Subliminal Seduction,’ aims to explore the juncture between propaganda, advertising, activism and art ... artist’s Lee Campbell, Chris Clarke, Daniel Lehan, Paul Matosic, Katy Richardson & James Topple, Tony Rickaby, Daryl Waller and Kate Wiggs will all have work represented at points along London’s famous shopping conduit. Taking the various methods of high street promotions, each artist will add their own voice to the deluge of commercial, political and religious sloganeers.

No Sense

No Sense

Included in You Find Yourself Here an exhibition exploring - through the creation of maps - the city of Leiden was my map This Makes No Sense To Me.

Having never visited Leiden, and not speaking or reading Dutch, a map of Leiden, (and any other unvisited place) made little sense to me.

A prize awarded by the selection committee, was won by a twelve year old who created a skater's map of Leiden map.

For images and further details please see Sonja van Kerkhoff's blog:

Sonja van Kerkhoff

You find Yourself Here 3 February to 27 April, 2008, RAP architectuurcentrum, Leiden.

BE OUR VALENTINE by Davina and Daniel

BE OUR VALENTINE by Davina and Daniel

Invited by Frog Morris to present a work as part of his Second Thursday events at The Montague Arms in New Cross, Davina and Daniel, sent Valentine Cards to those attending the event held on 14 February, Valentine's Night.

While the performances were being watched and enjoyed, Davina and Daniel, wrote cards to those who caught their eye: staff, several performers and members of the audience.

The cards were placed in a post box, and those wishing to see if they had received a card, searched the post box. Were they, as it said on the envelope The Girl with Red Hair Drinking The Glass Of White Wine ?

Some were disappointed, others flattered, some even wrote Valentine Cards to Davina and Daniel.

Recipients with their cards.

The Notion Of William Blake Singing His Poetry ...

The Notion Of William Blake Singing His Poetry ...

The last few entries here have concerned the recent events to celebrate William Blake's 250th Birthday. During one of these events I repeated Allen Ginsbergs assertion that Blake sung his Songs of Innocence, and Songs of Experience, to his friends. And noticeably at the event at Tate Britain, a number of performers sung Blakes poetry.

I think I remember Ginsberg saying that he came to his conclusion by recognising the similarities between his experience of Buddhist chanting, and the breath beat of Blakes work.

In Peter Ackroyds biography of Blake there is evidence to confirm that Blake did indeed sing his poetry:

I have often heard him read and sing several of his poems. He was listened to by the company with profound silence ....

Page 83, ISBN 0 7493 9176 6

I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

As part of The First Thursday Programme, Wiebke Morgan held Nikolaus Tag on 6 November, described thus in the gallery press release:

As you may know, in Germany December 6 marks Nikolaus’ Day. It can be seen as a preliminary round for Christmas, with sweets and fruit or a birch handed out to children, depending on how they behaved during the year. Children deliver a verse, sing, or otherwise show their skills. Join us, along with some of the gallery artists, in an exploration of the Nikolaus Geist, as part of our participation in First Thursdays. Visitors will be invited to draw, think, sing, try their luck, and more besides in art games and processes presented by Daniel Lehan, Julia Moore and the gallerists.

As part of this event I invited visitors, one at a time, to play the memory game - Kim's Game. Having studied for one minute, a collection of small objects gathered on a table, each player was given a further minute to recall, either by drawing or writing, as many objects that they could, on black sheets of paper using chalks.

At the end of the evening the winner was presented with a commemorative hat stencilled with:

I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

The Objects

The Winner, Vivienne Soan

The Winner Wearing The Hat

A Blakean Birthday Party - Tate Britain

A Blakean Birthday Party - Tate Britain

Following Bad Boy Billy Blake's Big Birthday Bash held at The Ivy House on Sunday in Nunhead, a Blakean Birthday Party was today held at Tate Britain on what would have been his 250th Birthday.

I received a phone call asking me to bring along the placard I had made of Blake's dictum I Must Create My Own system Or Be Enslaved By Another Man's for Sundays event - given the short notice it was only possible to transport the actual boards not the entire piece - and so I joined a host of Blake devotees, poets and performers at the event, organised by Mental Fight Club and Tate Britain. Many wonderful perfomances including musicians who had set the Songs of Innocence and Experience to music. Too many names to remember, but here are some photos of the event.

The I Must Create My Own system Or Be Enslaved By Another Man'sSlogan

Jazzman John Clarke

These two performers set two of Blakes songs to music, including The Sick Rose

Paul Howard and Jo Clack, who have set twelve of Blake's songs to music, performed several at the event.

A wonderful ornamental Cake for Blake, was lit, and after a chorus of Happy Birthday, Dear William, was eagerly eaten.

Bad Boy Billy Blake's Big Birthday Bash

Bad Boy Billy Blake's Big Birthday Bash

Celebrating the 250th anniversary of William Blake's Birthday, Bad Boy Billy Blake's Big Birthday Bash - an all day event - was organised by Mad Pride, Mental Fight Club and Creative Routes - and held at the splendid Ivy House in Nunhead, close to Peckham Rye Common, where as a child, Blake had his first vision, seeing a tree filled with angels - bespangling every bough like stars.

The day was a mix of performances by poets (including Jazzman John Clarke and Zolan Quobble) and bands (including The Children appearing with Lol Coxhill, and Mark Astronaut & The Otters).

Manchester based band The Children with Lol Coxhil

At the start of the event I talked about Allen Ginsberg's theory that Blake actually sang his Songs of Innocence, and Songs of Experience, to his friends. Ginsberg himself set a number of Blake's songs to music and regularly sung these during his poetry readings. I played recordings of Ginsberg and assorted musicians, including Dylan, performing these from an audio collection of Ginsberg's work, Holy Soul Jelly Roll - Poems and Songs 1949 to 1993.

I also made the board stencilled with Blake's dictum -

I Must Create My Own System Or Be Enslaved By Another Man's

which was placed on stage.