daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

Reasons To Get Up

Was a piece that I performed at the Burton - Taylor Studio Theatre in Oxford (June 22) as part of 'Jumble It Up' an evening of contemporary theatre, live art and dance organised by Kirsty Lothian and Lucy Foster.

'Jumble It Up' was an opportunity for artists to experiment with a new idea and to receive feedback from an audience. This was the first time that I have 'stood up in front of an audience' and made such a work and I felt I was in new and unfamiliar territory.

The piece was inspired by a diary entry by the late Ian Breakwell, who was dying from lung cancer at the time of writing the entry, and who found getting out of bed both emotionally and physically exhausting and painful. One morning Breakwell decided that if he could come up with fifty reasons to get up, he would. His reasons are poetic and moving, are beautifully written, and interestingly for me, never refer directly to making art.

I asked the audience to think of a reason for getting up, and to say what these were - audience members were selected to do this by using raffle tickets. Most gave either humorous or practical reasons, and although I had not wanted to provide any examples, as this might influence the kind of things people would say, I think there needs to be a way of encouraging responses that go beyond the prosaic.

Overall, I think the work was well received, and importantly, the feedback got me thinking as to how the work might develop and progress, possibly in a more casual, non theatre based venue.
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