daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

The Stars Down To Earth

Opened on June 23 at the Nunnery Gallery. Selected by curator and writer Andrew Hunt from artists working at Bow Studios, the title of this show is taken from a collection of essays by Theodor Adorno which concern the influence of irrational systems of thought in contemporary culture.

Nine framed pages from my 2005 diary 'Teri King Predicts' is included in the show. After each day's entry, I record also that day's astrological prediction made by the astrologer Teri King for my star sign, Pisces.

These nine diary pages, chosen because each entry bears some relation to that day's prediction, and which, as Andrew Hunt notes in the catalogue -

at first seem straightforward ... present an uncanny and irrational narrative located in the heart of everyday life ...

The Stars Down To Earth continues to July 22, Thursday to Saturday 1 to 5pm. Artists in the show are: Alan Bond, Brignell and Raimes, Gordon Cheung, Giles Corby, Deborah Crofts, Robin Dixon, Susannah Hewlett, Mandy Hudson, Maslen and Mehra, Danny Pockets, David Saunders, Dawn Shorten, Rith Solomons, and Tomoya Yamaguchi.

Nunnery Gallery, 183 Bow Road, London E3.
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