daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

And in Sarajevo A Young Man Dreams of ...

Last June I was in Sarajevo, invited there by the British Embassy to devise and run creative workshops for young people.

We asked some of the children to describe their PERFECT DAY. Practically everybody wrote about having a party and eating pizza with their friends. As the World Cup was also in full flow, many of the boys wrote about scoring the winning goal that won the Final.

However, one young teenage boy, had different priorities ....

A translator read out to me what he had written. His perfect day would be the day when he achieved his ambition of becoming a dentist. He wanted to be a dentist, just like his young female dentist ....

This seemed to me to be the perfect story for a Woody Allen Film.

We would see an adult Allen lying on a therapists couch describing his childhood fantasizes about his dentist. There would be flashbacks (shot in black and white) of him sitting nervously in the dentist's waiting room, his eyes lighting up when his name was called. And in the film, despite him discovering the cure for cancer and solving world wide poverty and writing poetry of the uttermost beauty and profundity, he would view his life as a failure, as he never did become a dentist.

A drawing of the famous bridge at Mostar -each year young men jump off the bridge as signs of their bravery.

Some of the children later visited the British Embassy
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