daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

A Day of Crazy Newspaper Stories

On Thursday 12th of April in two newspapers The Metro (provided free on London Transport, and I think also in other major English cities), and The London Newspaper (handed out free throughout London) was a plethora of bizarre stories, almost as if they had all been saved up and published all on one day.

Here's a brief synopsis:

Cheeta Toasts His 75th - the chimpanzee who appeared in the 1930s Tarzan films - celebrates his birthday.

The Woolly Jumpers Are Off ... Six Sheep race against each other, in their own Grand National, around a course with toy animal jockeys, at The Big Sheep Event, in Abbotsham, North Devon.

Vet Loses Limb To Crocodile - gruesome photo to accompany this - a zoo vet lost his arm while treating a not so sedated crocodile

Shoe Fetishist Escapes Retrial - Man escapes further prosecution after admitting eight robberies of shoes.


Photo Story of a policeman not sure whether to arrest an 'installation' by US artist Mark Jenkins - image of four people 'wrapped together in plastic bin bags' on the pavement.

Photo Story of a gigantic pair of boots - twenty foot plus tall - at a Garden Festival in Dijon, France.

Photo Story of a set of traffic signs that have been modified in Prague, which the authorities are removing.
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