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Peripatetic Proverbs was a collection of twelve proverbs I had written, which although non-sensical, were written to mimic the form of traditional proverbs, and which, hand printed on small cards, I handed out to passers-by on Camberwell Green during Camberwell Arts Festival - Live Art Programme.

Again, like the sandwich board that I made for the BonkersFest Festival, I was particularly interested in the reaction to the work by those who directly experienced it.

I find Camberwell Green to be a strange place.

I consider it an arena.

People entering the Green become highly visible, there is no place to blend in or hide. The Green also has a reputation as being a place with a brooding malevolent atmosphere.

In considering how I should hand out the cards, I decided to adopt the attitude of being a person employed to hand out the cards, and this might probably help to distance me from any negative comments the work received.

It took a while to find a comfortable position from where to stand and hand out the cards. Peoples' reactions varied. Some people refused to accept a card, others read the card, paused, and turned back for an explanation, while others immediately stopped to talk to me. Several people did return later, wanting to collect another card.

It was not the most comfortable of experiences. This was pretty unfamiliar territory to me, and I am aware that people can sometimes react strongly to unfamiliar situations, particularly when it comes to art. However, nothing untoward occurred, and I later calculated that I had given the cards out at a rate of one every one and a half minutes.
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