daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

SERVICE WASH TALES by Davina and Daniel

Service Wash Tales was included in Camberwell Arts Festival - Live Art Programme and took place on 20 June at the Tumble Wash Laundry on Camberwell Church Street. The work was concerned with memory and the passing of time, and the degree to which a personal story changes when retold by someone else.

Davina and Daniel invited customers of the laundry to exchange memories about an item of clothing. Davina and Daniel, having heard a customer's memory just once, recorded it on a piece of paper, which was then washed in a bowl of water, dried, and returned to the customer to take home with them.

Participants included a Frenchman, two Brazillians studying English, and a young man and woman, who, it subsequently, turned out, were partners.

Davina and Daniel were taken with the range of stories they were told, as well as by the enthusiastic responses to their invitation to participate in the work. Just before they left the laundry, one of the Brazillians pinched our arms, to make sure that we were real, and that they had not imagined the whole episode.

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