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I & ME TOO - Part Two - At Cubitt Studios and Gallery

This was the second part of the I & ME TOO project (part one was held earlier in June at Studio Voltaire). Students from Hackney Community College collaborated with artists Abigail Hunt & Kieren Hunt, Gabrielle O'Connor, Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund, and Davina Drummond in a series of workshops to orchestrate a series of participatory artworks which were presented to the public at Cubitt on Saturday 30 June.

As with the previous event at Studio Voltaire, the exact nature and form of the artworks were unknown until the completion of the weeks' workshops.

Abigail Hunt & Kieren Hunt invited the students to make posters about something they felt passionate about. Visitors to the Saturday event, were then invited to create posters which commented on the posters made by the students.

Students working with Gabrielle O'Connor made simple hand puppets, which were then used to voice thoughts that would normally be suppressed. During the workshop, Gabrielle drew attention to a thesis, which considers that artists use art, in a way similiar to how ventriloquists use puppets, as a tool to convey ideas and thoughts. A video of each student 'speaking' through their puppet was shown at the event, and a video booth constructed for visitors to similarily use the puppets to say the 'unsayable'.

Davina Drummond worked with the students to create a 'perfect' romantic text message. During the event, the students presented my favourite activity. Having bought a number of two piece jigsaws, people were invited to find the other person in the gallery who possessed the missing, and of course, matching piece, to their jigsaw.

Cakes decorated with flags bearing details of the event, were handed out to passers-by during the Saturday morning of the event. As is usual, the passing general public are generally suspicious of accepting anything that is offered for free. However, despite this, and the pouring rain, cakes were offered and some were accepted, and later, at least half a dozen people admitted to having been enticed to the event as a result of this Cake Marketing Exercise.

At two o'clock, the students decided to stare in complete silence at various points of the room. Whilst doing this, the room, although not descending into silence, became significantly quieter.

The hanging two piece jigsaws.

Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund filmed the students as a group smiling for as long as they could.

The Puppet Video Booth.
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