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I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

As part of The First Thursday Programme, Wiebke Morgan held Nikolaus Tag on 6 November, described thus in the gallery press release:

As you may know, in Germany December 6 marks Nikolaus’ Day. It can be seen as a preliminary round for Christmas, with sweets and fruit or a birch handed out to children, depending on how they behaved during the year. Children deliver a verse, sing, or otherwise show their skills. Join us, along with some of the gallery artists, in an exploration of the Nikolaus Geist, as part of our participation in First Thursdays. Visitors will be invited to draw, think, sing, try their luck, and more besides in art games and processes presented by Daniel Lehan, Julia Moore and the gallerists.

As part of this event I invited visitors, one at a time, to play the memory game - Kim's Game. Having studied for one minute, a collection of small objects gathered on a table, each player was given a further minute to recall, either by drawing or writing, as many objects that they could, on black sheets of paper using chalks.

At the end of the evening the winner was presented with a commemorative hat stencilled with:

I Am Champion Of Kim's Game, Wiebke Morgan, 2007

The Objects

The Winner, Vivienne Soan

The Winner Wearing The Hat
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