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The Notion Of William Blake Singing His Poetry ...

The Notion Of William Blake Singing His Poetry ...

The last few entries here have concerned the recent events to celebrate William Blake's 250th Birthday. During one of these events I repeated Allen Ginsbergs assertion that Blake sung his Songs of Innocence, and Songs of Experience, to his friends. And noticeably at the event at Tate Britain, a number of performers sung Blakes poetry.

I think I remember Ginsberg saying that he came to his conclusion by recognising the similarities between his experience of Buddhist chanting, and the breath beat of Blakes work.

In Peter Ackroyds biography of Blake there is evidence to confirm that Blake did indeed sing his poetry:

I have often heard him read and sing several of his poems. He was listened to by the company with profound silence ....

Page 83, ISBN 0 7493 9176 6
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