daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

BE OUR VALENTINE by Davina and Daniel

BE OUR VALENTINE by Davina and Daniel

Invited by Frog Morris to present a work as part of his Second Thursday events at The Montague Arms in New Cross, Davina and Daniel, sent Valentine Cards to those attending the event held on 14 February, Valentine's Night.

While the performances were being watched and enjoyed, Davina and Daniel, wrote cards to those who caught their eye: staff, several performers and members of the audience.

The cards were placed in a post box, and those wishing to see if they had received a card, searched the post box. Were they, as it said on the envelope The Girl with Red Hair Drinking The Glass Of White Wine ?

Some were disappointed, others flattered, some even wrote Valentine Cards to Davina and Daniel.

Recipients with their cards.
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