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daniel_lehan's Journal
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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

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Anti Social Behaviour Orders

According to the Independent Newspaper (10th January 2006) recent Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO'S) have been served against ~

A woman in North Yorkshire for attacking her brother with a stick of rhubarb, to a woman in Lanarkshire for answering the door dressed in skimpy underwear, and to a retired schoolteacher in Fife, who is banned from putting bread out to feed birds in her garden.

In 2004, a man was jailed for four months after breaking his ASBO which 'prevented him from howling and dancing naked with a Christmas tree in the window of his flat'.

The oldest person so far to have received an ASBO is aged 88.
"I am not eccentric"

Christ Eubank, recently named second in a list of the most eccentric people in the world (See blog 9th Janaury), has issued the following statement :

I do not consider myself eccentric. Just because I have a sense of style, because I try to project dignity and have tried to earn the respect of my peers, that should not make me an eccentric.

Eubank, who titles himself Christopher Livingstone Eubank, Lord of The Manor of Brighton and drives an articulated lorry, does, however, admit to having :

a superhero complex.

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