daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

Subliminal Seduction

Subliminal Seduction

Was an event curated by Another Roadside Attraction, which took place on 5 April 2008 along Oxford Street. Taking as inspiration the tall Golf Sale Signs that are held along this street, I devised a series of statements that asked shoppers to question their motives for spending money.

In response to the slogan which read How Much Will You Spend To Make Someone Love You someone yelled out Five Pounds

A man was particularly concerned that I had no question mark at the end of each slogan, an Italian told me that he thought the English could never spend enough to make themselves feel happy, and an elderly German said he was rich because he had a loving wife.

By using the methods of human advertising as a way of displaying art, ‘Subliminal Seduction,’ aims to explore the juncture between propaganda, advertising, activism and art ... artist’s Lee Campbell, Chris Clarke, Daniel Lehan, Paul Matosic, Katy Richardson & James Topple, Tony Rickaby, Daryl Waller and Kate Wiggs will all have work represented at points along London’s famous shopping conduit. Taking the various methods of high street promotions, each artist will add their own voice to the deluge of commercial, political and religious sloganeers.
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