daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

a-Mart: The Art Supermarket

On Saturday I delivered the 20 bottles of my Lemon Verbena with Vodka to the a-Mart: The Art Supermarket show at Ale and Porter in Bradford upon Avon, near Bath. I also took with me a large bottle of the drink for people to taste and within a short time the 20 bottles were priced and available for sale at a very reasonable £7.00.

Many other interesting items for sale: numerous artists' books, a set of recordings of various two minute silences, (including one held for Princess Diana) available on CD, individually mangled toy cars neatly re - packaged as Road Crashes, humbugs with the words ART SUCKS running through them and some Chinese fortune cookies, each one containing a Haiku.

Mine read:

down side streets -
seagulls turn the sky
in & out

having being raised in a seaside town, I was pleased with that getting one.

The show runs till Christmas Eve.
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