daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

A Brand New Start !

This is the first entry in this diary linked to my website, a website which, even as I write this is being designed completely from scratch. My previous website and diary (also titled ARTSOUP) went down the proverbial drain when the guy who managed it went AWOL. Despite my efforts to contact him (repeated emails and phone calls none of which were ever returned) it has been impossible to retrieve and so the entire site including 5 years of ARTSOUP entries is somewhere 'out there' and non - retrievable. I think it is only hitting me now how much work has been lost.

ARTSOUP was a rag bag of a diary. Starting as a journal to record my practice as an artist, the entries eventually covered an increasingly wide range of topics:

Harry Kewell's screaming volley into the top corner of the net, (when he played for Leeds United) following a 50 yard run, scored during a glorious season in European Football - a series of entries about the names that artists (Bonnard, Picasso and Warhol amongst others) gave their dogs - and a recipe for cooking pheasant, accompanied by photos of the aforementioned fowl aflame in the pan !

So ... the lesson I have learnt, is that I need to keep a back up copy of my site for starters.
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