daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

You Couldn't Make it Up !

Walking down the stairs at Manor Park Rail Station, I pass two women, one of who is carrying about 15 full size plastic footballs in a very large clear plastic bag.

I say to her :

Someone is going to be playing a lot of football !

And her friend says :

Yes, leopards !

Leopards, is that the name of the football team ? I ask.

No, no, real leopards !

I think I have heard wrongly, and say :

Lepers ? ! (which probably makes no more sense than leopards).

No, leopards, four footed, large cats ! There is a centre in Hertfordshire, a private collection kept by a man, and we are taking the footballs there. The leopards love playing footballs !

But dont they burst the balls ?

Yes, always, but that is part of the fun !
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