daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

New Website - Old Work

The development of my new website continues, with much information passing between Ian the designer, and me.

The site contains an archive of my work. The earliest examples that I will be posting are pages from various sketchbooks dated 1978, when I was a student in New York City. The drawings aren't particularly good, but I look forward to seeing them on the site.

In putting together the details for these past works and even despite having titles, medium and sizes, invariably there are pieces that remain a complete mystery. Some I can't even remember making, some seem like strangers, others no longer exist, where did they go ?

I can remember, when younger, reading a huge tome about Matisse, and in it were photographs of works (mostly of early paintings) listed as whereabouts unknown. I now more easily understand how works become lost: through the inevitable moves between studios, through carelessness, and also when the work was given to a friend, who now, is forgotten.
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