daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

Newspaper Headlines

The artist Ian Breakwell, was fascinated by the headlines of those 'small stories' which appear in the local press. He sometimes read out these headlines as part of his live performances, sometimes he reproduced them to make visual work. I also find such stories fascinating. The headlines, in which words butt against each other in unusual sequence (reflecting the bizarre and sometimes quite unbelievable story) strike me as being as pure 'dada' writing.

Here are some recent headlines, gathered, not from a local newspaper, but from the pages of a respected national daily, The Independent.

Pamela Anderson claims KFC is abusing chickens in Vietnam

Drunk tractor driver in slow-motion police chase

Carol singers raid house for cocaine

Pub orders man to remove trilby

Carpenter who posed as priest for 25 years is finally defrocked

Erotic bible is forbidden fruit

Man gets life for burning bins

Fatter bottoms hinder injections

Sex can leave crickets legless
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