daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

For Your Home !

From the

Lakeland Limited Home Shopping Spring 2006 Catalogue

Australian Soft Eating Liquorice

Wow ! Who would have guessed that when we introduced Australian Soft Eating Liquorice, it would prove to be one of our all-time best sellers ? ... We've heard that some customers have been chomping through whole packets in one sitting ... just as well it's 97% fat free !

Also the

Banana Guard

Transport your mid-mornng snack to work or school without looking its gone five rounds in a boxing ring ! Bruised and battered bananas will become a thing of the past when kept in this purpose built protective case. Designed to accomodate virtually every shape and size of banana.

And my favourite, the

Spider Catcher

Do you cower in the corner when a creepy-crawly sneaks into your home ? ... We asked makers of the Spider Catcher to increase its length by half, so you can now keep an even greater distance from those dreaded bugs ! ... just point the trap, press the button, and the battery operated vacuum will gently capture the spider or insect. It will also capture flies and wasps in flight, and pick up those home invaders, the woodlice. 9V battery included.
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