daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

Spam, Wonderful Spam !

Half way through Spam Appreciation Week during which I have been working on some memories of my childhood, including, quite unbelievably, one about spam.

Tuesday 22nd of October 1968

We had spam fritters for school dinners today. No one on my table liked them so I ate theirs as well as mine. Mrs Smith then asked if anyone wanted to go up for seconds. I was the only one to put up their hand and I said I could easily eat six of them. But when I got back to my table, I could not eat a single one. Mrs Smith said my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and that I had to sit in the canteen until I ate them all up, and that would teach me a lesson.

Well, I think the lesson it taught me was that I no longer liked spam.

There is, I kid you not, a Spam Museum
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