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I have previously written, when ARTSOUP was part of my former website, about the relationship between artists and dogs, in particular, how popular dachshunds are as artists' pets.

Bonnard named his dachshund (who can occassionally be glimpsed in his paintings) Pouchette which, I understand, is French for pram, and Warhol had two naming them Archie and Amos, if I remember correctly.

Picasso was given Lump by the photographer David Douglas Duncan in 1957, and the soon to be published Lump: the Dog who Ate a Picasso captures the relationship between artist and dog. Lump was permitted to sleep on Picasso's bed, urinate on a bronze sculpture in the garden and ate from his personal plate, decorated with a portrait of him by his master.

The artist Rachael House, although not a dog owner, has in 2004 and 2005 presented Peckham Pet-Tastic and is shortly taking the work to Norway and to the Bexhill Bow-Bow to be held at the De La Werr Pavillion.
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