daniel_lehan (daniel_lehan) wrote,

Meanwhile ... in Sarajevo, a young boy dreams of being a dentist ...

Recently, I was invited by the Britsh Embassy in Sarajevo to devise and run story writing workshops at a week long Festival for young people.

One of the themes that I gave to one group of young people was My Perfect Day. And so, most participants wrote about scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final, or eating pizza with their friends. However, one young man wrote that his perfect day would be the day when he achieved his ambition of becoming a dentist, adding that his dentist was a young woman.

I thought that this ambition was a Woody Allen film waiting to happen - telling the story of a young boy with a crush on his dentist (being a Woody Allen film, the boy would struggle with this for years in therapy) who grew up to be, say, the president of his country, or a prize -winning scientist, but who, deep down, considered his life a failure because he did not extract teeth.

The drawing above, is of the famous and beautiful bridge in Mostar. At certain times of the year, and this is recorded in the drawing, impetuous young men jump off the bridge.

I was also told about and had drawn for me, three huge earth mounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which have recently been claimed to be pyramids, though there remains skepticism (though, it has to be said, and naturally so, not from the young people) about this.
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